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Updated: Sep 13, 2018

After years of studying improvisational theater theory and observing the world, Bridget is convinced that every person is a creative genius. Her mission is to help each person believe that, too.

She Is a firm believer that having confidence in your one-of-a-kind, endless, always-ready creative source changes how you feel about any challenge, particularly an unexpected one.

Bridget graduated from Stanford University with a degree in English. She worked at tech startups in Seattle as an editorial lead for more than a decade (HealthTalk, PayScale, Socrata, and Simply Measured), after a short stint in medical school and also working as a medical interpreter in Spanish.


Why did you decide to partner with The Swing Shift as a guest speaker?

Swing Shift inspires me. It feels like a launch pad to great things for great people. Once I met the creators of the program, I knew they would be open to bringing in fun and community-building through improv lessons. Fun matters at Swing Shift! And, especially since these women are going into interview situations, I felt like improv could teach them ways to keep their confidence high and help them trust their brilliance throughout the hiring process.

What's your favorite part about working with The Swing Shift cohorts?

The diversity of personalities always delights me. Everyone in the room matters and gets to play with and discover what's interesting about themselves and their peers. There is a drive find out what is unique about each person so they can steer themselves toward their ideal career. For example, in the games we play, a quieter, more observant person can be just as magnetic as an outspoken person because they're being authentic. Authenticity always appeals and energizes the group.

What's your biggest takeaway from these women and/or the program?

Anything is possible in any moment of your life.

I listened in on a presentation from Google about the many tools they offer to organize your life, especially in the workplace. It was a rich, highly-productive conversation for everyone in the room and highlighted for me how The Swing Shift gives its cohorts really important and useful information. They prepare for the work world as it is today, end-to-end, and in a way that no other program does.


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