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Career Break Initiative

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The Career Break Initiative is designed for bold forward thinking companies who want to provide a realistic and rewarding career path for the duration of an employee’s career.

This is the Future of Work.

This initiative was developed to encourage companies to recruit and hire top talent, then retain their loyalty for the duration of their career. It provides benefits to support career breaks as needed to maintain emotional, social, and physical health for candidates, employees  and their families.  It’s also designed to save companies money incurred by the rising personnel turnover costs. A recent study by Manpower Group found that  84 percent of millennials foresee taking significant breaks during their career. 

The mission of this socially responsible initiative is to enable employees, but especially women,  to take time off in order to care for children, loved ones, or themselves due to health issues.  We envision this will dramatically and directly positively impact the 45% of women who have taken a career break and the 61% of millennial women who plan to raise kids. This will enable them a speedy path back to work, that is otherwise filled with barriers and uncertainty.

Send us a message to learn more about how your company can embrace the career break and use it as an incredible opportunity to retain top talent.

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