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Back to Business eCourse

The Swing Shift’s newest edition in partnership with Leadership Essentials, HarperCollins Leadership is a new interactive elearning course! Both the Back to Business book and eCourse are inspired by our past award winning Career Catalyst program, created to help women modernize their technical skills, think strategically about how to grow their networks, and move into the next chapter of their career with clarity and purpose.


Why this course?

For many women re-entering the workforce after a career break, the job search world is a disorienting, confusing, and overwhelming place.

This comprehensive new course lays out a clear path for anyone ready to re-enter the workforce.

The 45 percent of American women who take career breaks know better than anyone that searching for a job has changed rapidly in the last decade: new modes of communication, new rules of discoverability, and new expectations.

In the Back to Business ecourse, career coaching and re-entry experts Nancy McSharry Jensen and Sarah Duenwald have put together a guide for women returning to the workplace.

After this course, you'll be able to...

  • Develop a growth mindset and resourcefulness to find new career opportunities

  • Develop and execute a job search return strategy

  • Successfully prepare for a job interview

  • Confidently negotiate your value in the marketplace

  • Analyze past work to discover transferable skills

  • Generate interest from potential hiring managers with your personal brand and LinkedIn

  • Create a crisp and compelling pitch for networking events, recruiters and hiring managers

  • Create a resumé that gets you the interview

  • Make personal connections that turn into powerful relationships with decision makers

  • Use unique and non-traditional ways to pitch to hiring managers and recruiters

  • Conduct research so you are prepared for your interview

  • Negotiate for the salary and benefits you desire, that also value your unique experience

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