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Danielle is an accomplished senior technology executive specializing in the areas of strategic and operational planning, solutions delivery, program management, customer relationship management, and change management. She is currently Co-Founder and President at Sentinel Compliance Group and Vice-President of Solutions Delivery at Blueprint Technologies.

She has over 15 years of experience building and managing successful teams and driving strategic initiatives. She has played a crucial role in overseeing the management, strategic growth, and product solutions of multiple companies and organizations.

Danielle has a strong passion for working with mission based organizations, ensuring their organizational success and increasing their impact. Danielle currently serves on the board of Safe Crossings Foundation, The Swing Shift, and Girls Inc. of the PNW.

Why did you decide to partner with The Swing Shift as a guest speaker?

I absolutely love what The Swing Shift is doing for both women and business in our community. After meeting Sarah and Nancy, I was so inspired by the amazingly accomplished women they were, and their passion for doing everything they could to help other women through their connections and capabilities. Our workforce and the businesses in our community are also better for a program like The Swing Shift. I’m compelled to help in any way I can add value and connect the women in the program with resources and advise.

What's your favorite part about working with The Swing Shift cohorts?

I learn something every single time. The women in the cohorts are driven, intelligent, and come from all different backgrounds. They’re incredibly engaged and motivated to learn and ask thoughtful questions. The best part is the community that you can see is nurtured and established among the cohorts. It’s easy to observe these women are focused on challenging and supporting each other in their growth, and those around them as well. I can’t help but believe that is being carried with them and woven into the fabric of the companies and new environments they go on to join.


What's your biggest takeaway from these women?

It’s inspiring to see the investment these women who are already juggling many other priorities make in themselves. They believe in their abilities enough to go and find the support and guidance they need to propel forward. And they commit to adding to their plate to focus on their development and their future. There is no question the organizations they go on to after the program are also improving because of professionals like them.

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