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As a Spiritual Psychologist, professional speaker and corporate trainer, Joelene has 20+ years assisting clients in creating business and personal best practices. Joelene helps individuals transform and soar, as they confront and combat internal barriers that are standing in the way of success. She takes a holistic approach and style that builds confidence and empowers women to have clearer direction, creative problem solving, self-care, healthy boundaries, and more effective communication.

Joelene has taught the Design Your Career, Catalyst session and works with our community on an individual basis through our consultation program.

Why did you decide to partner with The Swing Shift as a guest speaker?

I am always excited to partner with The Swing Shift because it’s an opportunity for me to give back and offer skills, accountability, strategies, encouragement and guidance I wish I had during past struggles in my career. I feel honored to be able to shorten the process for others and get them where they want to go faster and easier.

What is your favorite part about working with the Swing Shift cohorts?

Women approach me during the Career Catalyst telling me they now realize how critical their mindset is. How they sabotage themselves with their negative self-talk, terrible self-care, lack of self-confidence and ineffective habits. Most say they are exhausted, stressed and settle for less than achieving their heart-felt dreams. I can relate, I did this too! I settled for “less and mediocrity” because I didn’t know what my strengths really were and the value that I brought to a company. Assisting women to be empowered, discerning and confident while being peaceful and successful is what gets me up in the morning!

What have you learned from working with our community?

As a coach partner with The Swing Shift I feel blessed to work with smart, intelligent women such as Nancy and Sarah, whose hearts are in the right place.

As a guide for my clients, I find most women want to live with a sense of purpose, fulfillment and making a positive contribution. When they become clear about what this is and are honest with themselves in our sessions, it’s gold. It’s priceless for me as her success partner when my client realizes “No one is me, and that is my power. Who I am is my greatest asset."

What is my biggest takeaway from these women?

I’m constantly amazed at the diverse talent and skills women posses and how much they devalue themselves. I encourage them to see in themselves what I see, “beauty, value, magnificence, brilliance, worth, wholeness, acceptable and enough” and live from here. When they do, they confidently thrive and are fulfilled in all areas of their lives.

You can connect with Joelene on LinkedIn and if interested in learning more through our Consultations page.


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