Starting Over While Grieving, a Q&A with Sam & how she's navigating her career journey in a new city

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Samantha Hoar’s advertising career brought her from England all the way to New York. From small boutique agencies to industry giants, national newspapers and even a stint at the United Nations, her writing and creative ability have taken her to some interesting places. The work also burnt her out. After a tough few years, including a rapid succession of close bereavements, Sam regrouped, moving to the Puget Sound for a fresh start. While Sam’s professional network was useful in the past, she needed to shore up her PNW contacts. And with a new baby to care for, she had a new set of responsibilities as she considered her road back to the workplace.

You wanted to investigate expanding your role beyond copy into a content strategist capacity; what led you to that decision? Did you invest in any formal training?

I’d been moving in the direction of content and content strategy for a while. As a copywriter and creative director it was a small part of my job that I had enjoyed, so I wanted to test the waters and see if I should pursue it. I also thought it would be a good way to get up to speed in a related area.

But in truth, I’m torn about next steps and its the fault of The Swing Shift! I love writing about science, and while my work has been predominantly in that realm, over the duration of Career Catalyst I’ve realized I’d like to take my skills and explore further afield. I have a masters in science communication from Imperial College, London, specializing in radio and I’m itching to combine my experience i