Changing Her Rules: Mary Clare Kellett’s Journey Back to Work

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Mary Clare Kellett faced a turbulent stage in her life. As she changed her marital status, she also moved, and some challenging health issues introduced themselves as she worked to find gainful employment. Oh yes, this happened in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.

She recently landed her dream job at Profiducia Trusted Family Partners as a client success specialist in asset management. The company delivers peace of mind in estate planning, durable powers of attorney, personal bookkeeping and other administrative needs where discretion and integrity are paramount. We talk with Mary Clare about her road to this satisfying new stage in her life.

Q. You joined us last year for our Career Catalyst program. During that time you were unsure of what your next career steps would be. Were you able to find some clarity during the program or did it take more time and introspection? What types of things did you do during your discernment process?

When I started the Career Catalyst program I was worried about ever finding a match for my varied skill set. The most productive time was with Nancy Jensen, one of the Swing Shift Founders, as she pressed a hard reset button on my belief system regarding my skills and talents. Still due to a wide variety of skills I needed to identify and brand myself towards one skill set, which was not any easy task! I slowed down and really focused on what drew the best out of me.