A Unexpected Boomerang Back to Work

Updated: Mar 8

Amy Dantzler had a very successful career at a global professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy and people. She had moved up the ladder to an associate consultant when a family health crisis pulled her away from paid work in 2014. Five years later, Amy began the process of determining what she wanted to do next. After a lot of hard work and reflection, and exploring a number of options, she decided to return to her former employer in 2021. Amy took, what we call at The Swing Shift, a boomerang route.

She was recently offered an internal transfer at the company. We're talking here about her journey, including her original expectations about that return, and really how it all happened.

The Swing Shift: Tell us a little bit about what you're currently doing for work, and is it different from what you did before?

Amy Dantzler: Well, right now I am doing a very similar job that I did before my career break. Years ago, I worked on medical, dental and vision benefit plans for employers. From there I moved into a specialty group, working on health and well-being, those extra services and perks that large employers offer their employees, focusing on mental health or certain medical conditions that employees need support with. I was hired back to do the same work in the same group.

The Swing Shift: Now, when you originally considered returning for work, you thought you wanted to look for something different, something outside of your previous employer. Can you talk a little bit about that thought process?