"I was stuck," Q&A with Kirsten Mullins who took a 15 year career break

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Meet Kirsten Mullins, Project Manager / Expansion Team, for The Riveter. She is the coworking and community space's point person for opening each new space, ensuring everything from furniture to internet to coffee service is

ready to go when the doors open. In addition to its 3 Puget Sound locations, The Riveter has 3 outposts in Los Angeles, a newly opened office in Austin, TX, and more to come in the next 18 months across the U.S.

Kirsten eased back into full-time work after taking a 15 year break from traditional work to care for her three children. We talked with her about her journey back to paid work, and the factors she took into consideration as she went from a part-time to full-time role.

The Swing Shift: How and when did you start at The Riveter?

Kirsten: It will be two years ago this month! While I attended The Swing Shift, I became friends with two of the original investors of The Riveter and they invited me to tour the Capitol Hill location, which was still under construction. I thought the idea of what was being created was so important that I wanted to be apart of it. At the time, I was less concerned with my individual role, as I was with working for an organization that was aligned with my values and lifestyle.