An Ultimate Career Pivot, Q&A with Heather Staples

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

As General Manager of Seattle’s Impact Hub, the leading coworking and social impact community space located in Pioneer Square, Heather Staples brings her wealth of design, event, hospitality and community experience from her work as COO at Staples Restaurant Group. Heather came through The Swing Shift’s Fall 2018 cohort as she worked to shift careers, and shares her perspective on shifting industries, how the process progressed, and her advice for other folks looking to make a career shift.

Congratulations on your new role! What are you doing?

I’m the General Manager at Impact Hub Seattle, overseeing 40,000 square footage of real estate and a 700 member community, companies and staff running social impact focused events. I heard about the job through a friend of a friend, inquired, interviewed and here we are.

That sounds simple! What did it take to get there?

I wish it was that easy! After many years at the same company, I was ready for a change. However, I really struggled with how to make those first steps. Kate Neidigh, who handles our PR and has worked with The Swing Shift, referred me to the company. Together with their team, I started down this new path.