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The Process Works: Steps to Navigate Your Career Transition

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The other day we received an email from one of our community members about how she landed a job. These are the BEST emails and can brighten up even the hardest day.

We were delighted she also wanted to share how she executed on the job search processes we talk so much about. We've supported and guided many women through their searches, but less often do we get to hear the details about each person’s journey and how they specifically used the tools and resources . When we do get a glimpse, we want to make sure and highlight as the details are what matter and what helps others along the way.

The challenge: Nina mentioned that she had an uphill battle. After relocating from overseas, taking multiple career pauses to care for family, and dealing with the rapidly evolving marketing field made the job search feel even more daunting. Add in the added volatility of the current economy, and she didn’t know where to even begin.

She joined The Swing Shift community a few months ago and started attending our online workshops and #HangoutHabits. Through those events, she learned key mindset shifts that helped her navigate and stay consistent during her job search. These steps are how Nina approached her search, and actions she took to move it forward.

Step #1 | NETWORK:

"Reached out to my network (association through Together in Digital) when I saw a role advertised on LinkedIn.”


“Attended the Hangout Habits when Colleen O'Brien from M12 Ventures talked roles in Tech. This actually got me thinking I might have a chance to apply my education marketing experience in the tech space. I applied for a role as Marketing Project Manager for Microsoft Education.


“Saw every step as a lily pad to gain experience (volunteer at Dress for Success Seattle and Female Founders Alliance) and learn (online learning General Assembly Free Fridays and On Demand Digital Marketing).”


“Connected with others that keep me accountable, and buoyed along. Through Tribute (a mentoring app and community) and The Swing Shift, met great women who I could check in with and share goals. Doing this really gets you in the practice of being able to own and articulate your intention.”

Step #5 | PREPARED:

“The Swing Shift Hangouts helped me prepare for virtual interviews (got that lighting and audio sorted) and practice interview responses.”

We talk all the time how there’s a process, the process works, and it will for you too. The best part? You don’t have to go through it alone and there are resources to help you along the way.


Be sure to get on our waitlist for our Fall Accountability Program: it gives you the structure and built-in community needed to move your career forward. We also have our free weekly #HangoutHabit career series happening every Thursday at 10am PT. Find us at for more info!


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