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Accountability Program

Get Back to Business with The Swing Shift and our new Accountability Program!


It can be tough to push that job search forward, particularly at this time. And, as we know, consistency and commitment* is the best way to move towards your goals.

  1. Weekly Online Check-In: We’ll host a weekly zoom call with a specific topic to help you refine and focus your job marketing toolkit 

  2. ​Customized: We will provide "choose your own path" options  that works with all levels depending on where you're at in your search. 

  3. Structured Groups: We’ll put you into groups where you meet to check in with your fellow teammates each week.

  4. Accountability: Every Tuesday at 10am we'll host a check-in call to see how things progress, and kick off the new week’s topic. 

  5. Program Cost: $79: includes live and online learnings, supporting materials, and a copy of Back to Business.


Not only will this program provide you the space and motivation to stay on track, but it also expands your network while giving you the opportunity to give back and help others on similar journeys. 


*The Association for Talent Development study shows your odds of achieving a goal increase to 95% when you have a specific accountability appointment with a person.

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for updates on future sessions:

Dates: TBD

Tuesdays @ 10am PST

$79 (includes a copy of Back to Business )

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