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The Swing Shift Alumni, Erika Parker Price & her new Ready Pause Go Podcast!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Erika Parker Price, a Swing Shift Alumni, just launched her new company and podcast Ready Pause Go! Ready Pause Go is for women who are pondering, pursuing, or returning from a career pause. Having been through all the phases, she realized how much she wished she had known during her journey! In a nutshell, she spent a dozen years in her Ready phase, another dozen years in her Pause phase, and now she is in the third year of her Go phase.

Erika will be interviewing women who have unpaused their careers in all different kinds of ways from going back to their original careers to starting new businesses to returning to school to launch entirely new careers.

She will also bring on career experts to share their best tips for relaunching your career, as well as women who have launched businesses designed to make this whole process easier.

She would love to connect! Go find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, in the Ready Pause Go Community on Facebook , or send an email!

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