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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

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In this episode, Heather interviews Nancy McSharry Jensen, CEO, and Co-Founder of The Swing Shift, the destination for women in career transition.  

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"I was kicking around this idea of working with women who took breaks or wanted to do something different."

How Nancy and Sarah Duenwald met and formed the Swing Shift.

"COVID hit and we needed a hard, fast shift to digital."

Shifting how their services were offered when in-person events and coaching were not feasible with a focus on building community and guidance without 3-hour zoom calls.

"In January women lost 156,000 jobs and guys picked up 16,000 jobs. So, it's a net loss all at a working woman's expense."

The overwhelming impact of COVID on women in the workplace and what needs to change to fix it.

"When it's time to go back it may have been years since they have looked for a job and they don't really know how the game is played."

How Nancy's Back to Business book and e-course guide people through the entire process of returning to work and finding a job at their own pace.

"Don't let them funnel off – keep them in."

The Swing Shift's latest offering, Career Break Initiative, focused on helping companies recruit and retain employees and build loyalty with the company by developing support programs and benefits to allow career breaks for employees.

Listen to the full episode here!

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