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[Ep. 261] How to Get Back to Business After a Career Pause with Nancy Jensen & Sarah Duenwald

From Jessica Moorhouse's Mo'Money Podcast Website:

We’ve all heard the statistics. If you’re a woman and you decide to take time off of your career to raise a family, go back to school, or travel the world, it will set you back both professionally and financially. Although it’s not fair, these are the facts. But that shouldn’t scare you from taking that career pause when you need to.

And luckily I have two guests on the show to discuss how to get back into the workforce, and not just get back on track but accelerate your career into an even better, more successful one.

I’ve got Nancy Jensen and Sarah Duenwald on the show to discuss this topic in-depth. They teamed up to found their company, The Swing Shift, and co-author their new book Back to Business, after working with hundreds of women struggling with this exact thing.

Not only that, both Nancy and Sarah experienced this themselves when taking maternity leaves, and that’s what inspired them to come together and create a solution for women so we can see a change in those statistics.

Things Mentioned in This Episode

  • Grab a copy of Nancy and Sarah’s new book “Back to Business” and get 40% off their accompanying Course

  • Nancy and Sarah offer free hangout habits sessions focused on women in career transition. Hear from an array of incredible women speakers at various companies in industries provide their insight to help navigate your next career move.

  • I’m giving away copies of all the books featured on this season of the podcast! To enter, visit


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