Strategic Networking After a Career Pause

Utilizing your connections is key when on the job hunt; the data proves it. It’s widely reported that nearly 85% of jobs are filled via networking. If you’re in a career transition, returning to work after a career pause, or making a career pivot, this number is even higher.

The good news: networking is more about quality than quantity. Take a strategic look at who is in your current network. It’s imperative to your successful re-entry. This will allow you to be methodical in expanding your network with the right connections which align with your goals.

Why is networking so important?

  • 75% of resumes are rejected due to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). To get around that, you need to use your network to get in front of hiring managers.

  • 60% of jobs are found via networking. Some jobs aren’t even posted online! So, talking with your network about open opportunities is crucial, especially if you’re looking for non-traditional roles, including part-time and job shares.

  • 72% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and vet candidates. If you’re searching for a job you must have a LinkedIn profile to grow your network and make it simple for others to find you.

  • The average job search takes about 5 months. Using your network can speed up that timeline. It can leapfrog you to the right open roles that are a good fit.

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