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Identifying Sincere Corporate Citizens While Job Searching

A colleague asked “How can I tell if a workplace is genuinely committed to being a good corporate citizen when I’m looking for a job?” And according to Glassdoor and FairyGodBoss surveys, a diverse workplace is one of the main factors potential employees now take into account when considering a job.

So it’s a great question, but not easily answered. There’s a lot of lip service paid to diversity, equity and inclusion right now in the wake of Black Lives Matter and Pride Month. As prospective employees of these concerns, how can you tell if a company’s really committed to diverse and equitable hiring; and once inside, an inclusive culture? How can you parse this out as you look?

We’ve asked Aparna Rae, principal consultant at Moving Beyond, to talk about this on July 9 at our weekly job search sessions, Hangout Habits . In the meantime, here’s some resources and tools for you to consider as you look.

Best Companies for Women: InHerSight has a searchable list based on industry, company size and location. To get the inside story, look at Employee Reviews from FairyGodBoss, using insiders’ perspectives to rate companies’ commitment to female employees.

Signs A Company is Committed to DEI from The Muse, including research before an interview, as well as what to watch for during the getting to know you process. This runs the gamut from how women are treated at the company, to its internal and external focus on the Black Lives Matter movement. And from, a good read on how workplaces’ employee recognition programs can create spaces for employees to feel valued, welcome, and comfortable.

Best LGBTQ Friendly Companies from, which evaluates companies on non-discrimination policies, employment benefits, supporting an inclusive culture and corporate social responsibility including public commitment to LGBTQ equality and responsible citizenship. Or, go straight to the source and review Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.

Let Your Money Speak. My immigrant grandmothers called this “vote with your pocketbook.” Gender Fair rates global companies on their fairness practices and policies for gender, diversity, philanthropy, and leadership. You see which brands are committed to equality. Try Intentionalist on the small business front, as they’re the most heavily impacted by recent market retractions in the wake of COVID19 restrictions.

We’ll continue to learn, work, listen and share to make sure there are equitable, inclusive and diverse roles for us all.


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