Ask The Recruiter with Wendy Hellar

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Wendy Hellar, Recruiter @ Prime Team Partners

Prime Team Partners’ Wendy Hellar has been on both sides of the recruiting equation. As an executive search and business development manager, she looks at hundreds of candidates, staffing contract and full-time roles in the Puget Sound. As a returning mom of two teenage children, she took a significant career pause (10+ years!). When she returned to work, Wendy reckoned with the flexibility of a steady contract job, versus a more lucrative and higher time demand role in account and business development.

You worked full-time as a recruiter for Robert Half, took a break to raise kids, switched gears to training, then returned to your original recruiting career. What was the hardest part of stepping out, and then stepping back into the workplace?

There were a couple of different hurdles that I had to navigate, and unfortunately some of them compounded on one another. I’m a bit of an over-thinker and absolutely suffering from imposter syndrome. It took reconnecting with a dear friend and mentor, Liz Hughes from The Table Group, to get me back into gear and to increase my confidence around what I had to offer.

I also had to have patience in every sense of the word. During my search I think I applied to well over 130 jobs, with very little response. I know what it feels like to be on the active job seeking candidate side of the equation - and it is not fun. It takes grit to keep going - it’s rejection and no response and “no, thank you” on repeat at times. As I got back to work, the last hurdle was just getting my family to a place where expectations were shifted around our home life- schedules, meals, chores - everything had to be turned on its head.

You took a pretty long break. Did you meet with resistance when you went back into the workplace? How did you respond to it?