Trust the Process: How Milissa Navigated the Job Search Process & Launched Her Next Career

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Milissa Hayes enjoyed a successful and varied career in retail, technology and private consulting, including stints in web development, design and production, research and data analysis at Macromedia, Adobe and Google, while simultaneously raising her daughter.

When she decided to go back to full-time work after consulting for several years, Milissa wanted to be thoughtful about where she landed next. An alumna of The Swing Shift’s Fall 2018 Career Catalyst, Milissa talks about her road back and role shift, and how she recently landed a senior program manager role.

Looking for a job can be discouraging on a good day. You had a lot of moving parts, as you negotiated a new social situation, as well as wanting to focus on a new role outside of SEM and analytics. How did you manage this process? Did you experience any setbacks?

I was overwhelmed by how much there was to do, where to start, and I had a lot of personal stuff going on at the same time. My brain felt overloaded. People tell me I am helpful with career advice, but when it came to giving it to myself, I did not fare well. So I knew right out of the gate that I would need some help. The first step in managing it was to let someone else take the lead (for once!)

I searched for career advice, coaching, tips and tricks on the web, thinking I would hire a single person to hold my hand through the process. I came across The Swing Shift and it was a total godsend. (This sounds like a plug, but it’s truly not…. I was paid zero dollars to say this. ) The Swing Shift gave me the structure I needed over 6 weeks, with homework, accountability and support. Having someone tell you, “here’s what you do now, here’s what’s next”... it was invaluable.

I had multiple meetings/interviews that I thought went great, but I never heard from t