International Career Journey with Ana Ines Urrutia de Souza

We’re sharing stories from our extended community: this one comes from our friend Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza, who’s currently working in Peru while she waits for travel restrictions to lift and she can move to the Netherlands with her company FourVision.

Ana shared her career journey with The Swing Shift’s CEO, including how she made a deliberate career pivot into technology after investing in her original role as an HR professional. Ana also talks about the importance of listening to your peers and mentors, as well as steps she took to make her move. You can read more about her at her website,

Edited for clarity and length


Q [Nancy]: Tell us about your original career path. While you work in technology now, you started your work in Human Resources for a Club Nacional de Football in Uruguay, a Professional Football Club. What was your original plan; and why did it change?

A [Ana]: I’m not sure there was an original plan! I always thought I would end as a classical HR Manager, but things changed and I fell in love with technology and productivity. Back in the day, I was studying Psychology in Universidad Católica del Uruguay. I knew I wanted to work with people focused on their well being. But, once I went through several different experiences – Sports Club, Government, and Engineering – I started to shape my plan as I found challenges that crossed over every industry.

Q: When we talked, you mentioned that a manager talked with you about what you really wanted to do with your career. After setting upon your path, was it hard to hear at first?