In A New Country With No Network, How Sky Persevered & Landed Her Dream Job

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Sky Clark started her career in global news, working both independently as a journalist and as a researcher for international newspapers in China. While pursuing a master’s degree in Global Studies in Japan, she also freelanced as a trilingual

translator, working in Mandarin, Japanese and English with media outlets including the BBC, Nippon Television Networks, and Al Jazeera.

Her work on award-winning series as a researcher at the Washington Post China Bureau had her reporting on high-impact issues such as censorship and oppression of ethnic minorities in China. She also worked on sensitive areas under heavy government surveillance, including post-revolution Egypt, Taiwan on the cusp of electing its first female president and abandoned hydro plant-turned Bitcoin mines in China.

What was meant to be a brief visit to Seattle after graduation in 2018 turned into a much longer commitment: marriage. While waiting for the adjustment of status to come through, she wanted to start a new career while leveraging her rich research background and valuable language translation skills. She joined The Swing Shift’s Spring 2019 Career Catalyst cohort, and recently landed a role at FiveBy Solutions as a risk intelligence analyst.

Q [The Swing Shift]: You have an incredibly rich background in reporting and translation skills. How did they help you land the risk intelligence analyst role?

A [Sky Clark]: It just so happens that the company had an opening for a Mandarin-speaking analyst. While I did not know much about trade compliance, I do have plenty of experience doing open-source research. I have always enjoyed the research part of j