How Michelle's Customer Focus Catapulted Her Next Career Move 

Michelle Cartmel’s career spans roles, industries and customer segments. As an integrated marketer for People Magazine in NYC, she saw the publishing industry undergo radical contractions as ad dollars shifted to online, losing revenue dollars and jobs. After relocating

to Seattle for her husband’s job, Michelle needed to shift her industry focus and took marketing roles at Microsoft and Calidora Skin Clinic. Her passion for nutrition and wellness eventually led her to obtain a health coach certification and she worked with private and corporate clients like Convoy and Flywheel on a freelance basis.

With her youngest child heading to Kindergarten, Michelle wanted to return to full-time employment, leveraging her background in marketing, sales and customer relationship management. She landed a role with Simplicity Consulting, a West Coast based company providing on-demand business, technical and marketing talent for companies and managers.

An alumna of The Swing Shift Career Catalyst program, she talks about making career shifts when your industry moves underneath you; what elements of our Career Catalyst program she used as she stepped up her job search; and what skills she’s carried through her career

Q: You’re working as a client success manager for Simplicity Consulting. Can you tell us briefly what you do; and how your past experience contributes to this role?

A: This role leverages so much of what I love about some of my past roles. At Simplicity, we match expert marketing consultants with projects at Microsoft (and many other companies). I partner with both the consultant and the client to ensure that the project runs smoothly and successfully. It’s very beneficial to have