Career Catalyst

Oct 3rd - Nov 13th, 2018
Every Wednesday, 9am-12:30pm


Pricing: $995 ($40 per hour)

SPECIAL OFFER (until Sept 1): $597 ($25 per hour)


The Swing Shift’s flagship Career Catalyst helps women modernize their technical skills, think strategically about how to grow their networks, and move into the next chapter of their career with clarity and purpose.

Designed specifically for women in professional transition. Taught by local, highly vetted experts. Located in mission aligned co-working space with partners and resources.



Women looking to pivot into a new role or sector

Women wanting to return to work after an extended break

Women contemplating going out on their own.



Meet & Greet - Come along to our open house to speak with our team about the program and get familiar with the space and parking. We will also be available to help iron out any issues you're having with your technology and the programs we'll be using for the duration of the program. 



Design Your Career - In this session, some of Seattle’s top career coaches will discuss the principles of design thinking, a growth mindset, and how best to optimize these approaches when mapping out your next career move. We will also explore the role of visualization in building clarity and confidence.



LinkedIn & Social Media - Experts in almost every field consider LinkedIn to be the essential networking and career-management tool in the modern work world. You will receive hands-on tutorials and strategies for maximizing LinkedIn’s full capabilities to boost your online presence to audiences that matter to you and your career growth.



Productivity tools - Organizations of all sizes have come to rely on integrated productivity tools, such Google Suite and Microsoft OneDrive, for much more than just email. In this session, you’ll get an insider’s perspective on how best to harness the power and full-range functionality of these tools, giving you a true edge in your job search and in your next role.



Presentation - Standing out from the crowd in today’s job market requires more than just having the right qualifications on paper. Good networkers and memorable interviewers have a clear understanding of themselves and know how to read and connect with their audience. In this session, we bring in public speaking and presentation experts to give you hands-on tips and tricks to help you shine in your best light.



Personal Branding - Discovering and learning how to articulate your personal brand not only sets you apart, but also helps you clarify the next steps in your professional journey. What’s your passion? How do you work best? What do you never want to do again? Here you’ll learn how to capture your essence and make it work for your career.



Negotiation Strategy and Tactics - Once you’ve landed the job, how do you ensure that you will be fairly and adequately compensated? Negotiating the terms of employment is a learnable skill, but too often it gets treated as an afterthought by new hires, particularly women. Salary, workplace benefits and flexible hours are all negotiable aspects of any job, and we will show you how best to get what you want.



Recruiter & Returner Panel - Hear from local recruiters who are passionate and experienced in helping women in career transition followed by some of our alumnae who have successfully returned and/or pivoted their careers!